Music and Sound Design



A world premiere based on the contemporary superhero story by Austin Grossman 

Music and Lyrics by Christopher Kriz
Book by Christopher M. Walsh
Directed by Paul S. Holmquist
Lifeline Theatre

"an amusingly intense score by Christopher Kriz…..striking and original"

-Chris Jones

Chicago Tribune

"Christopher Kriz (music and lyrics) has composed a powerful score with inspirational lyrics befitting a super hero existentialist crisis.  Kriz mixes ballad moments in with we-are-going-to-kick-some-ass anthems.  The combination is dynamic! There is a lot to love about this show and Kriz’ music is #1." 

-The Fourth Walsh

The devious Doctor Impossible has escaped from prison and legendary superhero CoreFire has vanished without a trace. With the fate of the world in their hands, the New Champions have mere hours to recover their fallen comrade and stop their arch-nemesis before his doomsday device is complete. Joined by Fatale, a cyborg with an arsenal of deadly hardware and a host of self-esteem issues, the mighty super-team must face their darkest hour – and the truths buried in their deeply troubled pasts. A thrilling new musical about power and identity set in a vibrant world of heroes and villains, in a world premiere adaptation based on the 2007 novel by Austin Grossman.